Hime sister


Akane is the 10-year old sister of Hime. According to the manga, she doesn't look a lot like her sister and is much cuter. She likes to wear frilly  dress and ribbons.


Akane is the picture of perfection to her mother, which causes her to feel incredibly guilty that her parents do not treat Hime as well as her. She is constantly worrying about Hime and cares about her deeply.

She is a model for the magazine Flower & Dream and has been interviewed on TV along with her mother.


Akane and Hime's mother dreamed of being an idol's mother and would take her daughters to different auditions only to be disappointed by Hime's clumsiness. During the auditions, Akane would be bullied by other contestants. Hime would always take on the girls bullying her sister, which would get her in trouble and eventually she was no longer brought along to the auditions.