Please note that some information below was taken from the Seiyuu Ka!'s Japanese fan pages and was roughly translated by someone who isn't very good at Japanese or English.

First Wave CUTE Heroine Drama CD Edit

CD 3
♥Seiyuu ka!♥part 1Drama CD♪

♥Seiyuu ka!♥part 1Drama CD♪

A special Seiyū ka-! drama CD was included in the Hana to Yume magazine that was released on January 20, 2010. This drama CD was released to commemorate the release of the first stand alone edition of Seiyū ka-!.[1] This CD is not for sale, it was only available in the Hana to Yume issue. [2]

Brief DescribtionEdit

The story is the first chapters when Hime meets Senri, along with Shiro's encounter with Senri and the apartment full of cats.[3]  

Included with Disc Edit

  • First Voiced in Hana to Yume 2010 No. 4 of Appendix.
  • Drama CD case has been marked in Hana to Yume of 2010 No. 5 Appendix
  • Rekosuta report & voice actor interviews & gift is posted on the front in-piece

2nd ♪ Drama CD 'Pounding' Edit

Drama cd
A second limited Drama CD was subsequently released in commemoration of the publishing of the 2nd stand alone volume in Hana to Yume 2010 11th-12th issues. The second drama CD was included in the Hana to Yume magazine that was released on May 30, 2010.


Track No. Based on Manga Chapter Brief Description
1 Beginning of Chapter 6 The story is based on Chapter 6 and is basically word for word of the chapter when Ume Feels she has lost her Moe inspiration.
2 Middle of Chapter 6 The Four Drop-outs try to find new inspiration for Ume in order for her to create an animation and story for them. "This track ended with Hime pondering what she would do if she lost her inspiration."[4]
3 Middle of Chapter 6 Using the idea that Ume loved AQUA, the gang dress Hime as a guy saying she's Mitchi's cousin. When she is unable to use the prince voice, Ume says it's enough. Ume turns to leave but trips down the stairs. Shou catches her which causes her to turn her affections toward Shou.
4 Chapter 7 Ume has turned her affections towards Shou. There are also flash backs of Riko and Ume's relationship. Here's where it differs from the Manga, there is a scene where Mizuki asks Senri what his relationship is to Hime and if he's something like a boyfriend. Senri says he doesn't want anything to do with her. When Mizuki leaves, Senri begins to feel that Mizuki is a strange person.
5 Chapter 8 This part was about when Shou had finally had enough of Ume nip-picking of the other Drop-outs. He yells at Ume. And there's more Riko flashbacks. Ending with the Prince Shou.
6 Chapter 9 Takes place during Ume rewriting the story and trying to animate in five days. Also includes the scene where Senri helps Hime with her lines but with an interupting Mizuki.
7 Chapter 9 This scene is of the Drop-outs recording The Story of Mean and Lonely Beth. Includes Hime using the Prince Voice.
8 NA This is Ume's dream about fighting Riko for Mizuki. Riko asks if she found her Prince. Ume replies that she will someday
9 NA Tsukino's song. Performed by MAKO and written by Minami Maki.
===Included with Disc===
♥Seiyuu ka!♥part 2 Drama CD♪

♥Seiyuu ka!♥part 2 Drama CD♪

  • Ultra Volume 60 minutes (Recording included "Ume's Guide", "Ume Dreams of", and "Little Voice Infinity!")
  • Full color 8 page booklet
  • Readers pay ¥ 500 (+ transfer fee)
    • "Little voice, infinity!" sung by Tsukino is about her middle school teacher & includes MAKO's lyrics to Character Song
    • Minami Maki & Fujitani's (configuration cooperation) debut

'W' Cool Voice Festival ♥ Drama CD Edit

♥Seiyuu ka!♥part 3 Drama CD♪

♥Seiyuu ka!♥part 3 Drama CD♪

CD 2
3rd Installment. This CD is not for sale, it was only available in the Hana to Yume issue.[5]
  • Drama CD third installment, Hana to Yume 2011 No. 4 Appendix to be determined.
  • Short Stories about 30 minutes in length.[6]

Cast Edit

The voice cast of the second CD remains the same as the first drama CD and includes two new cast members, Jun Fukuyama and Kana Hanazawa. Included in the drama CD is an original song composed by Maki Minami and performed by MAKO. [7]

Voice Actor Character CD Edition

Asakawa Yuu

Hime Kino First Edition
Sugita Tomokazu

Senri Kudou

First Edition
MAKO Tsukino Todoroki First Edition
Junji Majima Shou Takayanagi First Edition
Namikawa Daisuke Mitchel Zaizen First Edition
Hanazawa Kana Ume Ichijou Second Edition
Fukuyama Jun Mizuki Haruyama Second Edition
Unknown Riko Second Edition
Shibuya Yuimomiji Gustaf Third Installment
Akiko Nakanishi Katerine Third Installment
Takahiro Sakurai Narration Third Installment



  • Jun Fukuyama (voice of Mizuki) was also the voice of the Kei, the main male character from Minami Maki's previous works, Special A. However he doesn't sound like Kei because he uses a different tone of voice. None the less fans can tell it's him.