Appearance Edit

House Keeper

Hayashi is a middle age woman with curves. She often wears an apron because she is The Housekeeper. She also has neatly styled short black hair. 


Housekeeper to the Kudou household. She looks after Senri and is a motherly figure to him. She is in charge of cleaning and cooking, which is why she becomes concerned when Senri tells her that she doesn't need to make dinner for him during the times Shiro is over. When she does find out about Shiro, she becomes overjoyed. She also likes Shiro a lot because of Shiro and Senri's relationship. 

During the time when Shiro decides not to see Senri for personal reason, she happens to run into Shiro at the store. She explains how strange Senri has been acting since Shiro stopped coming over.

Later when the Four Drop outs are over, she is happy because Senri brought friends over. She is mistaken for Senri's mother by the other drop outs other than Hime (because she's secretly Shiro).