Kana "Kansei" Yamanoue
[[Kana yamanoue 01|250px]]


Seiyuu Department Sophomore


February 21

Blood Type


Favorite Food

Chocolate Bars

Best Subject


Drama CD Voice

Mamiko Noto

Kana, also known as Kansei (かんせい;cold) Yamanoue is a fanmade character for Seiyuu-ka!, 2nd year at Hiiragi Academy, and in the Voiceover Department. She's known for her very calm, and somewhat nonchalant voice. She normally does voices for characters who also sing, as she used to take classes. Kansei is expected to be a successful Seiyuu within 1-3 years―a short amount of time due to her singing ability.

Appearance Edit

She has calm silver eyes, and medium length silverish grey hair that's worn in a ponytail with some bangs to the side, and some locks going past her nose in the middle of her face. She's normally seen wearing the school uniform, but the jacket is open. She customizes it with black thigh high stockings. Kana can also be seen wearing various other outfits, casual and formal.

Personality Edit

Kansei, f