Sakura Aoyama is a successful actress who started out as a voice actress for the shōjo anime series Mahou Senshi Lovely Blazers. When Hime was a child, Sakura helped her by covering an ice cream stain on Hime's dress, calling her a genuine princess. She is Senri's mother. When acting, she often forgets herself and the only way to stop her is with a scene board.

For Sakura, acting is more important than anything, including her own family.

In part of the manga, it is hinted that she may be cheating on her husband because they had a "rocky relationship".


At age 16 she was kicked out of her home by her parents and became homeless. After her graduation, she decided to audition to become an actress, because it had always been her dream.

During her audition, Takanari Kudou (age 26) called her parents and yelled at them saying he will make her into the greatest actress alive. She then started living with Takanari.

At some time during her life before the series took place, Sakura made a promise with Haruka Yamada, she would co-act with an actor Yamada trained.


Takanari KudouEdit

When a fellow actor asks her out saying dating can help with her acting, she decides she'll ask out Takanari because she feels he is the only man who can move her. He refuses her countless times before saying if she can become an indepent voice actor who stars as the main character in an anime, he'll go out with her. He underestimated her ablities and they later married and had a son named Senri Kudou.

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