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Seiyuu Ka-!

Alternate Names: 声优志愿; 声優かっ!; 真的是声优吗!; Seiyū ka-!; Seiyu Kaa!; Seiyuu-ka!; Seiyuuka!; Voice Over! - Seiyuu Academy


Hime Kino is a 15-year old girl attending Hiiragi High School Academy. Hime's biggest dream is to one day become the voice of a main character in Japan's most popular shojo anime, 'Mahou Senshi Lovely Blazers'. This is hard to achieve, however, as her voice is not suitable as a professional voice actress, resembling that of a Gorilla. Soon is becomes apparent that Hime's hidden talent is voicing male characters, she even gets scouted due to her skill, and seizing the opportunity she enters the voice acting industry........... as a guy?!


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People of the Past 

  • Gonzales

  • Kazuma

  • Imaizumi

  • Sana

  • Riko

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