Shou Takayanagi


Seiyuu Department Freshmen


October 3rd

Blood Type



183cm (6ft)

Favorite Foods

Fried Rice & Deep-Fried Pork

Best Subjects

P.E. & Maths

Favorite Colors

Red & Black


Training & Movies about Heroism and Chivalry


He looks like a delinquent with black spikey hair and red eyes. He is often called Boss, Leader, and General by Hime.


Shou is a first-year student in the voice acing department. He's one of the bottom 4 dropouts due to his violent temper and inability to read Kanji without furigana attached to them. He's the fifth-generation leader of the "Bloody" Alliance of Kanto. His loyalty to his friends is strong and he promises Hime and the others that if anyone messes with them, he'll send them to their death in a minimum of 20 seconds. His desire is to become a voice actor for delinquent roles. However, he feels determined to develop other sides of him that surface when Ume takes a liking to him. Despite his violent exterior, he is shy around girls since he has little experience spending time with them.

When Ume becomes sad that she might never find a prince, Shou makes a promise that he will help her find her prince.


Not much is said about his past, other than he has at least three younger brothers who he shares his room with. The manga doesn't say how many siblings he actually has or if he is the oldest. 

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