Suuma 2

Also known as the AQUA without glasses. He dresses fashionable because he is an idol. He has brown eyes and his hair is show as a redish brown color on one cover. 


He is a 2nd-year in Hiiragi Academy's acting department and one of the Idol Unit AQUA boys. He was one of the mediators of the 2nd-year vs. 4-dropout Snow White Showdown. He is rarely seen without his partner, Mizuki Haruyama. He is overprotective of Mizuki and causes his fangirls to harass Hime. After Mizuki calms his wrath by punching him, he is reduced to simply giving Hime evil glares. He later reveals Mizuki's past to Hime in the hopes that she will stop unknowingly torturing Mizuki through her presence. He later comes to accept Hime somewhat though he still acts stubborn whenever she is with Mizuki. He belongs with GGC Production.

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