Kudo dad 2

Father to Senri, about 10 years older than Sakura Aoyama (his wife). He’s an assistant supervisor. He is very busy and rarely home, usually home once ever three months or so. He’s a bit of an airhead and klutz. Although he looks easygoing, when it comes to work he is super strict and scary.

When Senri was young, Takanari gave Senri an ungly cat named Gonzales.


Sakura AoyamaEdit

When a fellow actor asks Sakura Aoyama out saying dating can help with her acting skills, she decides to ask out Takanari because he is the only man who can move her. He refuses her countless times. Then after noticing her acting wasn't blending in with other actors, he says if she can become an indepent voice actor who stars as the main character in an anime, he'll go out with her. He underestimated her ablities and they later married and had a son named Senri Kudou.

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