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Tsukino is an average high school girl. She has long dark hair and she sometimes wears a hair band. She is often portrayed with either soft blue eyes or light brown eyes.


Tsukino is a first-year student in the voice acting department. She's one of the bottom Four Stragglers simply because her voice is too soft. She feels insecure about her soft voice, but takes a deep liking to Hime when she compliments her soft voice. Even though Tsukino looks the innocent girl type, she is involved with the black arts and has been known for cursing others, especially Mitchi.

During the Snow White show put on by the Four Dropouts, Mitchi has a stomach ache, which Tsukino hints at being her curse.


In middle school, she was accused of seducing boys with her voice by female classmates, they also called her voice disgusting. During this time Tsukino met Yukari-sensei, a female teacher who was Tsukino's middle school homeroom teacher (mentioned in chapters 39 and 40). Yukari-sensei is the main reason Tsukino became a voice actor. 

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